Tips on Cleaning Jewelry

If you’re lost most people you have jewelry that you have either purchased for yourself or that was given as a gift to you. One of the things that is not done often enough is cleaning your jewelry. Cleaning your jewelry such as rings, watches and even earrings can really help renew the freshness of the jewelry by allowing the piece to shine and bringing the attraction you desired or help providing the new feeling you had when purchased the jewelry to begin with. You should take care when cleaning different types of jewelry each type of metal or jewel needs its own special care. Therefore, if you have jewelry that has a stone, gold or silver you need to approach cleaning differently than just scrubbing away at the piece and drying it.

The first tip for cleaning jewelry is to sit at a table or desk with the cleaning solution and rinse in separate bowls. We are just setting up the area to clean and we do not want to clean over a sink where the object we are cleaning could fall down the drain requiring us to dismantle the plumbing and drain trap to try to rescue the ring, or earring.

The first step is to get a soft brush such as a tooth brush, liquid laundry detergent that does not having anything abrasive or grit to it and place it on the desk. You also need a soft rag and bowl of warm water to rinse the object. We need to separate all of our jewelry that contains stones or any type of class such as a watch. These stones will be diamonds, rubies, opals or anything that is similar and is mounted to the ring or earring. Prior to starting to cleaning you need to inspect all of the stones to make sure that they are not lose and that your scrubbing on them will not dislodge the stone allowing you to possibly lose the stone or break the setting apart. If any of the stones are loose you need to take it to a jeweler to have maintenance done and they will clean the object after they are done fixing it.

If you are cleaning diamonds you can use the detergent or ammonia. However, ammonia needs to only touch the diamond part of the object because it can cause the color of the gold or silver to become dull. Fortunately, for most objects the only thing you need to use to clean them is detergent, a soft brush and warm water using a soft rag to dry and bring a shine to the gold, silver, and most of the gems attached to the rings or earrings.

Although these methods are simple and there are other cleaning solutions for jewelry these tips are simple and will not harm your rings or watches if done with care and using soft cloths, non-abrasive detergents and warm rinse water you should have jewelry that shines and still remains in a great shape.