Tips for Bead Jewelry Designers

There is a vast pool of hobbies people are dedicating their free time in. With all our tedious routines and daily doses of stress, we need activities to help us relax. As they say, life with all work and no play makes a dull life.

Bead jewelry making is among the most popular hobbies up to this date. Usually done by women, this craft has rescued millions of bored creative ladies spending hours of watching tiresome dramas. And with the proper marketing and right customers to approach, this hobby can even turn into a good stable business.

Bead jewelry making is not just a hobby but an art itself. It illuminates life in its own unique way by means of colors, patterns, and the materials used.

Hobbyists differ in the inspirations of their works. And each new pattern they are able to discover leads to another which further leads to more designs. But where do all these inspirations hang around? Contrary to most beliefs, the source of pattern ideas is not just from magazines and online blogs. Just like with a writer suddenly visited by its muse while riding a car, a creative bead jewelry designer can begin to think of a new design during an unexpected event or experience. What’s important is that these ideas are immediately stored or recorded somewhere. Never rely in your memory; often does it fail everyone.

Now, we have to admit that we just cannot wait for that rare stopover of ideas – oftentimes, we have to find them ourselves. But where and how should we start the search? Here are some of the proven sources which can undoubtedly make you more productive in your bead making hobby.

Movie marathons

Choose to watch those films about fashion or any related themes. Most old movies will give you the opportunity to peek through how their fashion was like during their period. You can then create designs which are influenced by the movies you saw.

Your grandmother’s jewelry boxes

If you are not up to watching old movies to see how vintage jewelries look like, you can always ask permission from your grandma to let you examine her precious jewelries.

From strange events, places, items, and persons

You can choose to make your design resemble or represent something that is either as trivial as the colors of your house or as symbolical as your country’s flag.

From the materials themselves

Nothing compares to the excitement a designer experiences whenever a beautiful set of beads captures her attention. Most of the time, a bead designer will instantly sketch a pattern in her mind at the first sight of the materials.

Books and Magazines (both old and recent)

Lastly, when you need more ideas for your next creations, you can always resort to the easiest and most convenient source of bead designs: books and magazines. Read, read, and read! Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and styles without taking for granted what old fashion can do to improve your creativity and unique own style.