Cash For Gold Selling Tips

Since the price of gold reached an all time high of $1380 an ounce, the Internet ads offering cash for gold is making more sense. Selling gold makes sense not just for people who need cash, but for savvy investors who would like to take advantage of high prices to make money. If you don’t do your homework, you might not get the highest value for your gold.

Most Internet gold buyers ask you to mail unwanted gold, watches, and jewelry in a postage-paid envelope. In a few days you are promised to receive a check in the mail. If you think the amount is too small, you should send the check back and your jewelry should be returned at no charge. But how do you know how much you should receive?

Before you sell your gold, make sure it isn’t antique. Antique jewelry is worth more intact than melted down. A verified antique jeweler should advise you before sending your gold. Hence walking to a trusted store is more prudent.

You should also check the price of gold online. Call several jewelry stores, coin stores, and pawn shops to ask what they pay for gold. If they won’t say, don’t do business with them. Because the price of gold fluctuates, call all the stores on the same day. Most gold buyers offer more for larger amounts of gold and diamond and might negotiate. If you are sure you want to sell to the online gold buyers, you must check their standing with the Better Business Bureau.