Candy and Flowers and Jewelry

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Valentine’s Day is the one day each year that’s designated as the day to say “I love you” with both words and gifts. There are many who think of Valentine’s Day as just another commercial opportunity – a day for which florists, candy makers and jewelry stores are very grateful – but I prefer to think of Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to tell the people I love just how much I love them.

When we think of Valentine’s Day we picture 3 things… candy, flowers and jewelry… because those are the traditional gifts associated with this special day. But knowing which one to buy each of the special people in your life can sometimes be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you choose the right gift for each person on your gift list.

It’s expected that there will be more than $1,590,000 spent on heart-shaped boxes of candy for Valentine’s Day this year. There will likely be over 36 million total boxes of candy sold. But candy isn’t a good gift for everyone.

Before choosing a gift of candy you need to make sure the person you’re buying for isn’t allergic to chocolate, watching their weight or diabetic. Other than those three rules, and the off-chance that they don’t like candy, candy is a fairly universal gift for most people on your gift list.

But candy is only ranked number two on the list of Valentine’s Day gifts, just behind roses. While candy alone is a good gift for your children, parents or grandparents, when you’re buying a gift for the special man or woman in your life, you need a little more than just candy. 🙂

The red rose is the traditional choice of flower for Valentine’s Day gift-giving, but roses come in many colors, and each one symbolizes a different type of affection.

Red roses show “love and passion” so you would want to give those to the love of your life, not someone who you’re just getting to know.

Yellow or pink roses are the perfect gift of love for your parents or grandparents. Yellow roses symbolize “warmth and happiness” and pink roses symbolize “grace and elegance.”

White roses stand for “purity and innocence” so they are the perfect flower to send to the young girls in your life, such as a daughter or niece.

Different types of roses also mean different things. A bouquet of petite roses symbolizes affection. Petite roses are also known as sweetheart roses. A single long-stemmed rose says “thank you” or “good job.”

Valentine’s Day jewelry is heart-shaped because a heart is the universal symbol of love, so again, this is a gift you would normally give the very special person in your life. You might choose a heart-shaped pendant, heart-shaped earrings, or a bracelet or ring featuring hearts. There might be precious or semi-precious stones included in the jewelry. The value of Valentine’s Day jewelry isn’t so much monetary as sentimental. (It really IS the thought that counts here!)

Rubies are the traditional stone for Valentine’s Day for the simple reason that they are red in color. Of course, diamonds are always a wonderful choice of precious stone for the one you love because “diamonds are forever.”

If you plan to buy a gift of jewelry, the most important thing you need to know is your love’s taste in jewelry. The best way to know what she likes is to take notice of what she buys for herself and what she wears. Being able to choose a piece of jewelry that will please her tells her that you care enough to have noticed.

Whatever gifts you choose for the special people in your life, do take the opportunity offered on Valentine’s Day to tell them just how much you care with gifts chosen especially for them.

Top Fashion Jewelry Tips For Women

There is not a single woman in the world who doesn’t want to be stay stylish and charming. As to in which way to achieve this goal, different women have different ways. As a matter of fact, no matter how well you dress in your pants suit, jeans, blouse or even the attractive little black dress, one thing that you shall never miss is the jewelry which is also considered as an important accessory as part of fashion. Below are several jewelry fashion tips for women to keep in mind if you want to add more beauty.

What kind of necklaces that you should wear depends mostly on the neckline of the blouse or dress? They should match well and only in that way you can look charming wearing them. In order to go with the V-neck, you need a drop necklace with a charm on the end. The truth is different jewelries should be worn in different occasions. Wearing a precious CZ jewelry or crystal necklaces is suitable for formal and casual wear.

It is a common knowledge that if you wear bracelets, you ought to not to wear long shirts. Clothes with short sleeves or three-quarter sleeves should be your first options. Only by wearing this that you can totally show the charm of the bracelets. If you are going for a casual look, silver or gold bangles are of one the best choices. According to different looks, you need different kinds of bracelets to match your clothes. For a formal look, you’d better stick with an elegant and simple diamond tennis bracelet. Keep one thing in mind that is to avoid wearing bracelets on both wrists which can overwhelm your look.

Details are everything even a tiny one. A diamond stud could be the perfect accessory for you to add more charm. Pearl earrings should be worn with casual wear though you can feel free to wear them to add charm. CZ earrings are generally extravagant and attractive. Some women choose to put on a pair of pearl earrings on a special occasion. It is to get others’ attentions drawn on you. Most CZ earrings go nicely with formal gowns, pain suits and jeans.

Less is More
Jewelry is actually an important fashion accessory but don’t overdo it. Don’t ever wear too much CZ jewelry which may cause a side effect. What kind of jewelry to wear depends on the styles you choose and most of the time, one piece of jewelry like a colorful bracelet, a pair of earrings is enough. It is really enough for your outfit.

Remember the above four tips and then you will look more charming with the jewelries. Jewelry is only one important fashion accessory for you but never overdo it.

9 Tips For the Best Kids Birthday Gifts

If you’re looking for kids birthday gifts whether they are traditional or unique, they’re many pleasing gifts available. You’ll find the right one to make their special birthday a memorable occasion. It doesn’t take a lot to make them happy. If you are looking for a gift they’ll enjoy, here are a few tips on the best gifts that will be remembered for a lifetime.

  1. The number one favorite kids enjoy is an exciting birthday party with all of the trimmings. A traditional visitor would be a clown that does magic tricks and makes figures and animals out of balloons. Parents are also including a carnival type party that includes jungle gyms, space walks and a host of other activities.
  2. A gift that is most memorable to a child is their 1st bicycle or an upgraded new bicycle. Starting from a very young age up to pre-teen, this will be a hit, if it has all of the bells and whistles.
  3. Kids are fascinated with things you can drive. Toy cars, made in all sorts of themes, designs, and colors are a major attraction. This will be another sure hit for younger ages.
  4. When the kids progress in age, they tend not to be interested in toys. More personalized youth gifts are appropriate. For girls, a well known, nicely scented perfume assortment including the powder, soap, and lotions are great. For boys, top of the line watches, and jewelry are nice.
  5. If you really want to surprise a teen, they are wishing for a car. This is a dream come true. Whether it is a used or new vehicle, they will love, appreciate and cherish this gift.
  6. Another great gift idea to consider for kids birthday gifts would be a special interest present. If your child is interested in a particular activity like ballet, learning to play piano, then, lessons would be a fabulous treat. This could work for anything like gymnastics, learning to play tennis and a host of others.
  7. If you live in a country setting and enjoy nature and animals, a pony is also a treasured gift children enjoy. Even if you live in the city and the child enjoys horses, this is still a good idea, if you don’t mind paying rent for boarding.
  8. Other favorites a kid may enjoy may possibly be an aquarium with exotic fish. If your child loves animals or enjoy watching them on television, you cannot lose with a puppy or kitten, allowing the child to pick their own favorite name for the new house guest.
  9. For the scholarly children who love to read, write, color, and paint, sets are wonderful. A set of encyclopedias or kid related novels. A journal and set of stationary with initials would be delightful. A huge set of crayons with unique colors and a coloring book would be pleasing. For the creative and curious, a chemistry set is always welcomed.

Any of these tips for kids birthday gifts, will make their birthday a happy one.

10 Tips for Matching Jewelry to Men s Clothing

Let’s face it; most men don’t have a clue in how to match jewelry with their clothing. It’s not necessarily that men are clueless when it comes to fashion; it’s just that most guys are interested in other things. With this year’s college football season starting this weekend, you’re more apt to be spending the next four-to-five months watching sports rather than deciding what piece of jewelry looks best with your new fall shirt. While you may find it difficult in knowing which accessories complement which outfits, don’t give up yet on your quest to look your best. The following ten steps will help you select the best pieces for any ensemble.

  1. When your matching jewelry to any outfit, it’s best to start with the outfit first. Decide on what you’re wearing and then start from there. Remember, jewelry was designed to complement an outfit, not be the main feature.
  2. If you’re wearing a dark colored shirt such as black, blue or gray, you will want to wear a silver necklace. A stylus or ball chain with a silver or pewter pendant is a perfect choice for an accessory. If light colored shirts such as white or a lighter shade of brown is more to your liking, gold colored jewelry looks best. Most men have either silver or gold jewelry. If by chance your collection of jewelry has both silver and gold, don’t wear both colored metals together. Stick with either all gold accessories or all silver but never wear both at the same time.
  3. Never wear more than a couple of pieces of jewelry at the same time. Just like with female fashion, if you wear multiple rings and necklaces you will look flashy, not cool. Wearing just one or two pieces at a time will likely make a more appropriate statement.
  4. Accessories that send one message when worn by a woman can and most likely will have a different meaning when worn by a man. For example, a lady wearing earrings looks sophisticated. If you put on the same item, some people will find you intimidating.
  5. Do not wear a fancy tie tack on a colorful tie. Choose a plain piece of metal to keep a vibrant accessory in its place. If your tie is plain, you can wear a more elaborate clip on it. If you’re not wearing a jacket, do not wear a tie.
  6. Watches are classic timepieces. You should have at least two watches in your collection. Unfortunately, there is no one watch style that fits both casual and formal styles. As such, you will need to pick out the proper watch for every outfit. Do not pair a sport timepiece with a suit. It makes an unfashionable statement. If you like wearing watches, invest in one for dress and one for casual outfits.
  7. Cufflinks always look appropriate on an expensive dress shirt. If you’re a guy who dresses in coats and ties, your formal business attire will not be complete without this accessory. Cufflinks also keep your sleeves under control. You should match your cufflinks to your outfit. If you have multiple pairs of this accessory, pick the most appropriate ones for a given set of clothes. For example, gun metal pieces do not always look good on silk dress shirts.
  8. The fashion rules governing men’s chains, necklaces and pendants are simple. A large necklace is almost never the best choice. You should always keep your pendants smaller than 4 inches. Anything larger is usually inappropriate. A simple rule for determining an appropriate pendant size is as follows: The longer the necklace, the larger the pendant and vice versa. Since the most common length for a man’s necklace is 20 or 22 inches, pendants ideally should be 1 to 3 inches in length.
  9. Being the gentleman we know you are, you should never wear a bulky metal bracelet. The only exception to this rule is if the accessory is a medical necessity. Leather bracelets and simple link bracelets are acceptable for casual ensembles. Plastic is a no go for almost any accessory.
  10. Promise and wedding rings are appropriate with most any outfit. The guidelines for matching your accessories to your clothes do not apply to these two items. If you have other rings, you should wear only one or two of them at any one time.

We understand that you may or may not be a fashion guru and that’s okay. If you follow these 10 tips for matching your jewelry with your clothing, you’ll be stylish and turn heads in a positive way. There’s one last tip you’ll want to remember. You should avoid large amounts of accessories and pieces that are too big. Every piece of jewelry should be appropriate for the style of clothing you’re wearing.

Tips on Cleaning Jewelry

If you’re lost most people you have jewelry that you have either purchased for yourself or that was given as a gift to you. One of the things that is not done often enough is cleaning your jewelry. Cleaning your jewelry such as rings, watches and even earrings can really help renew the freshness of the jewelry by allowing the piece to shine and bringing the attraction you desired or help providing the new feeling you had when purchased the jewelry to begin with. You should take care when cleaning different types of jewelry each type of metal or jewel needs its own special care. Therefore, if you have jewelry that has a stone, gold or silver you need to approach cleaning differently than just scrubbing away at the piece and drying it.

The first tip for cleaning jewelry is to sit at a table or desk with the cleaning solution and rinse in separate bowls. We are just setting up the area to clean and we do not want to clean over a sink where the object we are cleaning could fall down the drain requiring us to dismantle the plumbing and drain trap to try to rescue the ring, or earring.

The first step is to get a soft brush such as a tooth brush, liquid laundry detergent that does not having anything abrasive or grit to it and place it on the desk. You also need a soft rag and bowl of warm water to rinse the object. We need to separate all of our jewelry that contains stones or any type of class such as a watch. These stones will be diamonds, rubies, opals or anything that is similar and is mounted to the ring or earring. Prior to starting to cleaning you need to inspect all of the stones to make sure that they are not lose and that your scrubbing on them will not dislodge the stone allowing you to possibly lose the stone or break the setting apart. If any of the stones are loose you need to take it to a jeweler to have maintenance done and they will clean the object after they are done fixing it.

If you are cleaning diamonds you can use the detergent or ammonia. However, ammonia needs to only touch the diamond part of the object because it can cause the color of the gold or silver to become dull. Fortunately, for most objects the only thing you need to use to clean them is detergent, a soft brush and warm water using a soft rag to dry and bring a shine to the gold, silver, and most of the gems attached to the rings or earrings.

Although these methods are simple and there are other cleaning solutions for jewelry these tips are simple and will not harm your rings or watches if done with care and using soft cloths, non-abrasive detergents and warm rinse water you should have jewelry that shines and still remains in a great shape.

Accessories You Need to Look Your Best

When you really want to capture attention, it often isn’t enough to wear a nice button down shirt and jeans. While some accessories are practical, like a belt to hold up your pants that otherwise would slide off your behind, some are purely for style, like rings or ties.

  1. Ties: Ties first came into style when Serbian mercenaries fighting for the French wore knotted kerchiefs. Parisians saw them and went mad. Neck fabrics haven’t gone out of style since. Originally, just touching a man’s knot was reason for a duel. Silk or wool ties remain popular, and a proper knot can add a lot of fashion sense to your outfit’s statement.
  2. Pocket Square: Carrying a clean pocket square is fashionable and useful. Removing dirt from your hands, or anywhere else you need, is much easier than carrying around hand sanitizer in your blazer. And that touch of color can complement your overall appearance.
  3. Cuff links: A modern pair of cuff links is an important investment. They keep you looking stylish and dressy.
  4. Briefcase: A fine bag big enough to carry a laptop will do you wonders when it comes to meeting business colleagues. You will be able to hold and organize papers, and look good at the same time – easy style points.
  5. Watch: Many men use a watch as a status symbol, but you don’t have to spend 10k on a timepiece in order to look good. Raymond Weil watches, TW Steel watches, watches Armani, and Nautica watches are all great brands that can fit on your wrist for less than a week’s pay. One tip: avoid plastic.
  6. Sunglasses: Aviators are a great sporty look, wayfarers are classically stylish, and if you see another personal style that you like, go for it. A retro look is always cool.
  7. Belt: A black or brown belt is classic, and as long as it matches your shoes you’ll be fine. But if you’re looking for a more modern feel, think skinny belts and different colors.
  8. Hats: Hats are back in a major way. It’s no longer inappropriate to wear a hat indoors, in the same way it’s not rude to wear sunglasses inside – but be careful, when meeting someone or in a more formal setting, better to revert to tradition. A tweed cap, fedora, hunter’s cap for when it’s cold, or panama for when it’s hot, are all great hats for a variety of occasions.
  9. Jewelry: Go easy there, big fella. If you have a lot of chest hair, necklaces are a no no. If you are already married think twice about wearing another ring. And if you like jewels, leave them on your Raymond Weil watches.

Once you have a few wardrobe staples, you don’t have to spend a fortune on new ones – invest in accessories. Fashionable new accessories make all the difference in the fashion world, because as everyone knows, it’s all about the details

Helpful Tips for Buying Jewelry for Women

Nearly all women possess their own personal style sensibility and gravitate towards accessories of a specific style, whereas some just like a little bit of everything. Take some efforts to find out exactly what they want. If you can’t take peek at her jewelry box or perhaps haven’t notice enlist the assistance of a closest friend or close relative.

If you’d like to look stylish, wear only massive original jewelry. Big gemstone necklace and pendants, decorated with more unusual materials: feathers, leather and wood will attract attention and reveal your good taste. Fashion designers offer us to choose big bright jewelry and combine unusual materials and textures. This year they are really diverse and numerous. Obviously, jewelry produced from classic precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum are normally popular.

As beautiful and attractive as it is, do you know how to choose it when you are shopping at jewelry shops? Searching for gold pieces takes greater than picking what you look for from jewelry for sale and after that offering your credit card to the sales assistant. Once you learn some things concerning the material that you’d like to purchase, including its purity, its color and its solidity, it might help you a lot in making your decision.

These are just some fundamental knowledge about gold jewellery, but they will help you a lot as you shop for them. The fact that jewelry is seen as an investment over and above being just an accessory is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Unlike other accessories such as bags, shoes and watches that lose value over time.

Wedding Jewelry Tips Tricks and Helpful Hints

So your not one of those fabulous actresses or models who has the luxury of the finest gems and diamonds being loaned to them by the likes of Harry Wintson. No matter, you can add a little sparkle and look extra-ordinaire in your gown on your wedding day. Here’s some helpful tips on how to shine on your most important day!

Faking It is Fine! It doesn’t matter if you cannot afford to adorn yourself in diamonds and pearls. The quality of Faux diamonds, gems, and pearls is amazing.

Gone are the days were anyone could tell real from fake. Only your gemologist will know real from fake. You can sparkle like a million dollar babe and you won’t break the bank.

The best way to choose earrings is to try them with your gown. The best styled earring will depend on the neckline of your gown, the type of necklace you are wearing, and how you will be wearing your hair. You want your earrings to be seen but you do not want them to be overpowering.

Drop earrings or short dangle earrings work well and pearls or diamonds [real or fake] add elegance and sparkle. If you’re not wearing a necklace you may want to wear more dramatic earrings. If your dress is beaded and sparkly then you’ll want to choose a more subtle earring so as not to detract from your gown..

Diamonds are a girls best friend, Pearls are truly a bride’s best friend. Pearls never go out of style, but this season they aren’t just in style, they are “hot”.

Not only are they “hot” they are very versatile. Pearls have been worn by fashionable women for ages. You can choose to spring for cultured pearl or purchase quality imitation pearls for a fraction of the cost.

When buying pearls you will need to choose a strand length that enhances the neckline of your gown. The best size pearls to choose are in the 5 to 7 mm range. There are many length choices with pearls.

A pearl collar is usually made of 3 or more strands and measures 12-13 inches. A pearl collar will hug the middle of the neck so it works well with a v necks, plunged necks or off the shoulder gowns.

A choker measures 14-16 inches and is the most versatile length to own. It will work with any gown neckline. The 17-19 inch

Princess with either very high or very low necklines. There are longer lengths of pearls available however they are not very suitable for wedding gowns.

If your lucky enough to have a fabulous piece of jewelry that’s a family heirloom, your wedding can be the perfect time to wear it. Feel free to ask family and friends to borrow a piece of jewelry you adore.

They’ll be honored that you asked. It’s also a great way to cover the “something borrowed.” Wearing jewelry that’s close to your heart is extra special because of emotional attachments.

Vintage jewelry is hot right now and can lend an added dimension to your bridal look. So if you have a favorite piece you’d like to borrow – ask. If you spot a wonderful must have piece to buy, don’t hesitate – it’s a hot statement this season!

Colorful jewelry is a great way to spice up your wedding day ensemble. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires [real or fake] can add some punch to your wedding jewelry.

This season, colored pearls are a very “hot” fashion statement, available in a wide range of color from silver to bright pink. Just remember a little color is very good, but don’t go overboard and take away from your beautiful gown.

Dare to Be Bare. The options in jewelry can be overwhelming. How do you know which length necklace looks best with your wedding dress? Is your trendy four-strand pearl collar strung on wires a bit too trendy?

One way to go is to keep it simple. As for necklaces, you might decide to skip them altogether. This allows you to show off your dress’ stunning neckline whether it’s strapless or high or in-between.

And it allows you to show off your neck, which you might not want to show off in 30 years. You can also completely forego bracelets. Especially if you’re going to wear gloves, a bracelet can look funny and get in the way.

The norm is to not wear a watch unless it is elegant and delicate enough for wedding day attire. However, these day’s even your watch can count as a piece of jewelry.

There are some fabulous fashion watches available, many look like a bracelet. So if you just can’t bear not wearing a watch, go shopping.

The choices for your hair jewelry are endless. Tiara’s are very “hot” right now, however adding a necklace with the tiara might be a bit much. Sparkling crystal and rhinestone clips or pins are a nice touch to the brides hair adding a subtle sparkle.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your gown the center of attention. What ever jewelry choice you make, be they trendy, traditional, or funky be certain they work well with your gown and compliment it not over power it.

How to Find the Best Jewelry Store

You may own one or several pieces of jewelry. Most of them were probably given to you, either handed down from generation to generation, or as gifts from your partner. Nevertheless, you’re fortunate enough to have some sort of collection. However, if you’re thinking of buying one for yourself or as gift for another person, then you have your work cut out for you. With the number of jewelry stores in your area and online, the search could be pretty daunting. So the first important thing you need to do is to find the best jewelry store.

There are many types of jewelry stores. There are the designer jewelers like Cartier and Tiffany & Co., chain stores that are usually found in shopping centers and malls, independent merchants who offer more unique and classic but understandably more expensive pieces, and the online retailers who are, of course, found online. Given these different types of jewelry stores, your preference of store may be affected by several factors:

  • type of jewelry
    • history, referrals, or recommendations
    • free time
    • budget or price range
    • distance or proximity
    • convenience
    • knowledge
    • level of security
    • preferred mode of payment
    • urgency

Narrow down your search using the above-mentioned factors. Covering the basics would help you cut down on the unnecessary time wasters like going to an artisan or independent merchant when you really need a more modern piece which you can find either online or at chain stores, or trying to scour several online stores when you were already given recommendations by friends or relatives.

After covering the basics, it’s time to dig deeper. Know the store and the person you’re buying from. Even if you do decide to go to designer jewelers like Tiffany & Co., do your research still. See if the store nearest your house has already received complaints, if their affiliations with authority organizations like Better Business Bureau are up to date, if they’re known to sell only authentic pieces validated by accredited groups, if they have master gemologists, if they give appraisals, warranties, certificates, and more.

Choose a store that has very knowledgeable, efficient, and trust worthy staff members. Again, you have to do your research. There are unpaid and authorized reviews on jewelry stores available online. For example, Top Consumer Reviews has released their list of 2011’s 10 best online jewelry stores based on selection, cost, and customer service.
Follow your instincts. If you’re having qualms about giving away your credit card number to an online store, then don’t. If you prefer the traditional way of shopping for jewelry like physically going to a store and talking to a person face to face, then do it. There are online jewelry stores that do have secure connections and sites, but if you’re really not that comfortable, then forget it. At the end of the day, it’s your decision.

There really is no set of codes or commandments in choosing the best jewelry store. People have varying preferences. What works for some may not work for others. In the end, all that matters are your needs.

Tips For Buying Jewelry on Craigslist

Are you looking for affordable jewelry? If so, you may find luck at Lots of jewelry owners use this classified website to sell their watches, bracelets, necklaces, earnings, pendants, and more. But wait! What should you keep in mind when browsing the website for cheap jewelry?

It is best to deal with local buyers. On Craigslist, it is possible to arrange shipping for your items and most people do this with small things. You may think it is easier to pay an extra $3 for shipping than drive an hour to pickup a bracelet. You can do this, but it isn’t recommended with expensive items. If you end up doing business with a scammer, he or she may cash your check or money order and then not send the bracelet.

Just because it comes with a hefty price tag, doesn’t make it unique or worth it. On Craigslist, you will always find sellers who inflate their prices. Many do this because they don’t take the time to research the used value of what they are selling, but others do it just to make money. It seems as if many of us have been trained to believe that good jewelry costs more, but that isn’t always the case. It may be different at a jewelry store, but not on Craigslist when sellers can set their own prices and literally pull a figure out of midair.

Be cautious with jewelry pieces that are marketed as family heirlooms or antiques. Often times, the seller on Craigslist doesn’t know if the jewelry piece, like a broach, is valuable. All they are going by is the fact that it has been in the family for years. Guess what? Grandma could have had nothing more than a piece of costume jewelry, which you don’t want to end up paying $200 for.

Be on the lookout for counterfeit jewelry pieces. When we think of counterfeit or fake items, handbags and purses are often the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are fake replicas floating around of certain jewelry pieces, like watches. To ensure you are buying the real deal, it is best to ask. However, since not all sellers are honest, you also want a picture. Not only should you get a picture of the watch, but the signature or brand name too. You can compare it to others listed online.