Accessories You Need to Look Your Best

When you really want to capture attention, it often isn’t enough to wear a nice button down shirt and jeans. While some accessories are practical, like a belt to hold up your pants that otherwise would slide off your behind, some are purely for style, like rings or ties.

  1. Ties: Ties first came into style when Serbian mercenaries fighting for the French wore knotted kerchiefs. Parisians saw them and went mad. Neck fabrics haven’t gone out of style since. Originally, just touching a man’s knot was reason for a duel. Silk or wool ties remain popular, and a proper knot can add a lot of fashion sense to your outfit’s statement.
  2. Pocket Square: Carrying a clean pocket square is fashionable and useful. Removing dirt from your hands, or anywhere else you need, is much easier than carrying around hand sanitizer in your blazer. And that touch of color can complement your overall appearance.
  3. Cuff links: A modern pair of cuff links is an important investment. They keep you looking stylish and dressy.
  4. Briefcase: A fine bag big enough to carry a laptop will do you wonders when it comes to meeting business colleagues. You will be able to hold and organize papers, and look good at the same time – easy style points.
  5. Watch: Many men use a watch as a status symbol, but you don’t have to spend 10k on a timepiece in order to look good. Raymond Weil watches, TW Steel watches, watches Armani, and Nautica watches are all great brands that can fit on your wrist for less than a week’s pay. One tip: avoid plastic.
  6. Sunglasses: Aviators are a great sporty look, wayfarers are classically stylish, and if you see another personal style that you like, go for it. A retro look is always cool.
  7. Belt: A black or brown belt is classic, and as long as it matches your shoes you’ll be fine. But if you’re looking for a more modern feel, think skinny belts and different colors.
  8. Hats: Hats are back in a major way. It’s no longer inappropriate to wear a hat indoors, in the same way it’s not rude to wear sunglasses inside – but be careful, when meeting someone or in a more formal setting, better to revert to tradition. A tweed cap, fedora, hunter’s cap for when it’s cold, or panama for when it’s hot, are all great hats for a variety of occasions.
  9. Jewelry: Go easy there, big fella. If you have a lot of chest hair, necklaces are a no no. If you are already married think twice about wearing another ring. And if you like jewels, leave them on your Raymond Weil watches.

Once you have a few wardrobe staples, you don’t have to spend a fortune on new ones – invest in accessories. Fashionable new accessories make all the difference in the fashion world, because as everyone knows, it’s all about the details